Dr. Stephan K. Munsey lives in Munster, Indiana, part of the Greater Chicagoland Area. Dr. Munsey and wife, Melodye, co-pastor the Family Christian Center of Munster, Indiana, along with son Kent Munsey. His church has a congregation of 18,000 members and is growing daily. 

One of Dr. Munsey’s most recent books, Unleashing Your God-Given Dreams, is a highly motivational message in a style relative to audiences of various ages and cultures. He has also published two books which have exploded across the Christian community: Seven Blessings of the Passover and Seven Blessings of the Atonement. The message of these books has opened the eyes of people around the world to the blessings God wants to pour out on the people who will honor His holy days. 

Steve Munsey

Dr. Munsey appears on television across the continent. His program, YES YOU CAN, has been seen across the U.S.A. and is carried by short-wave radio throughout the world. He has been featured in national magazines, newspapers, and network television as a cutting-edge innovator, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through many venues. 

Jesus of Nazareth, a Passion Drama written by Dr. Munsey, is seen in many areas of this country, and he has the vision to take it international. The drama draws people to Northwest Indiana not only from the Illinois/Indiana area, but also from all over, even from foreign countries. 


We live in a world where we can easily access dramatic movies with magical special effects and cutting-edge concerts and theatre productions. What is normal is far beyond what any generation has ever experienced. Because society today is not easily impressed, the dusty printed words of a story thousands of years old are in danger of becoming overlooked and forgotten. Pastor Steve passionately desires that the poignant stories of the Bible are not lost. He has developed a style of communication that is re-telling these old stories and bringing them to life in the hearts and minds of audiences all over the world. Steve Munsey's "Story Time" has become a main staple of his dynamic presentations. 

Pastor Steve typically begins his Story Time messages with some foundational teaching. As he transitions into Story Time, the house lights lower, and a hush comes over the crowd

His tone changes from the strident preacher to the captivating sound of a master storyteller, and gentle swells of orchestral music begin to play and bring emotional dynamic to the greatest stories ever told – God’s stories. Pastor Steve brings the Bible’s pages to life as you have never heard them, presenting tales of passion, violence, love, scandal, and mystery. He paints word pictures of epic Middle Eastern landscapes and palaces, and plays out a dozen different characters, giving his unique perspective of the thoughts and emotions of these Bible characters as they faced the challenges of their day. You are able to identify with people who lived thousands of years ago and to see yourself in the struggles they grappled with as you listen. Their stories are powerful to grip the emotions of the listener, and hundreds of people respond to the truths that Pastor Steve Munsey is able to communicate through the story. 

Pastor Steve began telling stories and recreating dramatic events as a teenager in children's ministry. He tackled the singular challenge of holding a child's attention long enough to teach a principle and his strategy was to reach into his creativity for anything and everything he could use to dazzle his young crowd, and he certainly learned how to captivate an audience. His gift soon created opportunity, and by eighteen years old, Pastor Steve was in demand as an itinerant speaker and evangelist. He has been developing the "Story Time" style of communication in Family Christian Center services ever since.